Jabari Simama

Jabari Simama (Former chief of staff)
Simama, who served as chief of staff under Ellis, is accused in the report of manipulating the committees that award contracts. The report recommends a criminal investigation into possible bid-rigging.

1) Dr. Simama is the President of Georgia Piedmont Technical College.  He was inaugrated in February 2013.  In the program for his inauguration, go to the last page and you will see Michael Thurmond’s name listed on an Advisory Board to the Georgia Piedmont Technical College’s Foundation.
2) Eugene Walker was on the board of Georgia Piedmont Tech. College:  “Other members of the Georgia Piedmont Tech Foundation Board of Trustees include Val Bates, George Fertal, Dr. Eugene Walker, Jennifer Hackemyer, Dr. JoAnn Smartt-Gaither, Joe Wilson, Jefferson Riley, and Chuck Little.”
3) And just who was on the Committee that Selected Dr. Simama for his current position as the President of GPTC?  Why that would be Dr. Eugene Walker.  Here’s the press release about the Search Committee:  https://tcsg.edu/press_detail.php?press_id=250

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